About us



We are Bobvalla Lesly and Ndi Sophia, the creators of “Banana Bread Recipe”. If something defines us, it is that we are 2.0 entrepreneurs, and we put passion and many hours of work to our projects.

We are both Medical students and us also online marketers, something we love to do every day.

Apart from the purely professional details, we have always had a great personal interest in gastronomy and especially cooking. Oh, and of course, we can’t forget about photography, which we don’t do professionally, but we put a lot of effort into achieving the most appealing result possible.

To make a simile at the height, let’s say that we have put a large part of what we are in the oven, and “Recipes of Banana Bread” has come out.

We enjoy planning and baking the recipes, and of course after tasting them. It is a great satisfaction that both our closest environment and users from anywhere in the world have access to our website, with which we continue to learn every day.

Go ahead and prepare our Recipes for … Banana Bread!